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MARYHILL LOOP DRIVE: have you seen the Cadillac commercial on TV where they drive side by side with one going forward and the other in reverse?  If you have then you have seen the Maryhill Loop road in action!  The majority of the commercial is from the Loop run, notice the wind mills and the leaves (these are close to where a Mercedes tried to climb a tree as documented by the missing tree bark and the Mercedes owner's story).  The Cadillac then goes thru some tunnels that  are further west down Hwy 14 heading towards Vancouver.

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Yes I have seen it.... now I know where it was filmed.

Looking forward to driving the Maryhill Loop this year!!!  Thanks for info, Gary

Thanks for your interest in this run.  I am one of the organizers of this each year, and need to know how many MCMINIS members are coming along for this year (2012) and if you'll be meeting us partway through the drive on Saturday or just meeting up on Sunday morning.  We need a definitive "yes" in advance if you are going to be joining us on the Loops Road Sunday morning as we do have an upper limit on the number of cars we can accommodate and don't want to turn anybody away.  That might happen if you just show up without RSVPing.  Please shoot an e-mail to valvashon (at) earthlink.net or register and sign up at PSMINI.org or PM me here on the MCMINIs site.



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